Looking for some awesome Lizzo merch? Step this way. We’ve got over 115 Lizzo merch items, from phone and iPad cases, to pencil cases, tees and more. All designed to look super fine, and printed in high quality in the UK. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look online today and get your Lizzo groove on.

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LIZ-003 Phone Case
LIZ-002 Phone Case
LIZ-010 Phone Case
LIZ-008 Phone Case
LIZ-005 Phone Case
LIZ-010 Phone Ring
LIZ-010 Notebook
LIZ-010 Water Bottle
LIZ-010 Keyring
LIZ-010 Cushion
LIZ-010 Hoodie
LIZ-010 T-Shirt
LIZ-010 iPad Case
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LIZ-010 FunGrip
LIZ-010 Flip / Wallet Phone Case