Top Tips To Step Up Your Insta Game This Autumn

Top Tips To Step Up Your Insta Game This Autumn

Autumn is finally here - if not by the crisp weather then by the pumpkin spice lattes sweeping the nation’s coffee shops - and so, it’s time to embrace those warm jumpers and prepare for the days to get shorter once again. But, as we say goodbye to summer, there’s one thing we can definitely say hello to: excellent Instagram feeds. This new season graces us with some beautiful sights so why not snap a few for the gram? I’ve got my top five post ideas to get your layout looking on point this autumn.

Hot drinks

As I mentioned before, we definitely aren’t short of seasonal drinks when it comes to this time of year. From pumpkin spice to the new bonfire spice, we really do have autumn in a cup. And, with coffee art now a thing, it won’t hurt to post a little artsy shot to let your followers know what your go-to drink is. Latte, anyone? 



Taking a trip to the park can give you some lovely scenery to photograph (a personal favourite being the fallen leaves, tinted with the golden brown colours of autumn). Yes, it seems simple but there’s so much to see. Undoubtedly, you won’t be the only one going for the annual post of your feet in fallen leaves, so try and make it your own. Either way, nothing says a seasonal post like being at one with nature.



If there is one thing we look forward to most, especially when it hits October, it’s Halloween. So, instead of heading to your local supermarket to pick up your pumpkins this year, why not head to a local pumpkin farm? It’ll be cheaper, a whole lot more fun hunting for your perfect pumpkin (you definitely won’t be short on choice) and it’ll provide you with the perfect photo opportunity. 



Be it your Halloween-ready nails, or your spooky house décor, there are always lots of fun things to snap without even leaving the house, especially as it nears closer to October 31st. The more you go all out, the more you (and your followers) will get in the Halloween spirit. And what better way to do that than showing off your pumpkin designs? The fun definitely doesn’t end on the field, make the pumpkin your canvas and whatever the design, be it a simple scary face or a more detailed masterpiece, take pride in your creation - share it with your friends.



You can never go wrong with an Outfit Of The Day post and what with the usual mustard/maroon combos taking over clothes stores this autumn, it isn’t hard to get your seasonal look on point while also keeping to your theme. You could even do a mini lookbook which will give you the opportunity to try out different styles and see what suits you too.


Remember: Try and be creative with your pictures. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to produce amazing content, but having an eye for detail (and capturing what captivates you) can add that personal touch to each of your posts.

Emma x