Tips to Stay Motivated This Winter

Tips to Stay Motivated This Winter

As the weather continues to get colder, our motivation to workout and stay healthy tends to drop along with it. So we’ve put together some tips to help your stay motivated this winter.


Make a playlist that gets you going

When you hear a song that boosts your mood and gets you in a head space to work hard, add that to your playlist. Your song choices here are totally up to you, but just make sure to pick songs that you can really jam out to. Find what works for you and then create an amazing playlist. 


Buy a new piece of workout gear

This could be a new piece of clothing, a new watch, a new water bottle, a new pair of shoes, a new yoga mat, etc. Make sure it is something that brings you joy. Make sure when buying a new piece of workout gear that you aren’t breaking the bank. Buy something that fits your budget.


Try out a new studio or workout

Do your research and find what works for you. Trying out a new studio or new kind of workout can really spark your motivation and make you fall in love with a whole new way to sweat. 


Get a workout buddy

Find someone you can go to workouts or the gym with. Make sure you pick someone that will help increase your motivation levels and don’t pick someone that you know will be easy to convince to take the day off. Having a workout buddy can also spark some competition, which can help to make you work even harder. 


Read a motivational book

Reading a motivational book can really help you when you are in any kind of funk, including a fitness one. So get on Amazon and get your hands on some amazing books.


Listen to a motivational podcast

Podcasts are great for people who may not like listening to music, or just aren’t feeling their workout playlist at the moment. There are a ton of different podcasts genres out there and if a motivational or health related one isn’t for you, that’s totally okay. They can keep you interested during the whole workout and allow you to take you mind off of having to fidget with a playlist. 


Set a realistic fitness goal

When setting and achieving a goal, you must make sure that it is something actually attainable, or if it is something slightly far reaching, make sure to give yourself a longer time period to achieve it. Set goals that will not only push you, but keep you excited and motivated. 


Track your progress

It can sometimes take weeks to notice a difference in your body after working out, but it’s important to stick to it to reach your goals. It’s equally important to track your progress. Take a picture the first day that you plan to start a new workout regimen, and then continue taking pictures throughout the process. You will ultimately become your own source of motivation once you can visualize the changes your body is making.