The Ultimate School Survival Guide

The Ultimate School Survival Guide

So most of you guys are already into your second week of school and believe me when I say, no, those early mornings never get any easier. I’m no expert in the perfect way to do school - whatever that means anyway - and I had my ups and downs like the majority of you out there, but I did learn a few useful things along the way which can come in handy. Whether you’re just joining in year 7 or heading into your first year of GCSEs - I’ve got you. Here are my tips on how to survive the whirlwind of school:

Stay organised

You’ve probably heard this enough times from your parents and teachers to last you a lifetime but there’s a reason for it (and it’s not to drive you to insanity and back). Just simple things like packing your bag the night before or making sure your journal gets signed can lead you to becoming a lot more productive on the whole. Okay, I’m no scientist so this sure isn’t scientifically proven, but it does mean a lot less stress each morning.


Try your hardest

Most people brush off the first few years of school as a bit of fun and that’s it. But building a foundation for what gets a lot harder at GCSE and the A Levels that follow is very important, even if you refuse to believe it. Working hard throughout these five years will definitely pay off in the long run so make sure you keep doing that homework, however much you hate it! 


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

I wasn’t exactly the loudest of people at school; in fact, I think it would be safe to say I was the quietest in my class, so I know the idea of asking for help in front of the whole class can be daunting. There’s no harm in going up to your teacher before or after a lesson to get some help if you don’t quite understand a topic. Though some may look like they bite, teachers are there to help and more often than not they’ll be more than happy to oblige. Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but they do want you to do well.


Have Fun

Okay, this isn’t me suggesting you bunk off and go and have a party somewhere during lessons, not at all. But school life doesn’t have to just be work, work, work, either. Yes, it’s important you do your homework, revise and try your best, but as the old saying goes: work hard, play hard. Joining one of your school’s sports teams, for example, can help you blow off some steam and de-stress, especially during times like GCSEs. And for those of you who see sport as anything but fun (I don’t blame you), look into something else that takes your interest, even if it’s just reading at home (maybe take a break from the Shakespeare and An Inspector Calls). 

Extra tip: 

Try and channel what you love most into your work. Not only will this make the work a lot less tedious, it might actually mean you enjoy the tasks given to you too. For example, say you’re studying French or German and you’re told to write a paragraph on anything you want. Why not do it on your favourite band, show, or film? That way, you’ll definitely feel more confident in the topic and I doubt you’ll be struggling to find things to say!

Hopefully these tips helped you out in one way or another. Remember we all have our own way of learning, it’s just about finding out what works for you.

Emma x