The Top 10 Things You Can Buy From LUSH

The Top 10 Things You Can Buy From LUSH

Christmas is coming soon, and you need to get your hands on the new range at Lush! Here is a guide to what you should buy!

1) Snow Fairy Fun. Just like the name, this mouldable soap is so fun to play with! It smells just like candyfloss and, when crumbled under a tap, it will create lots of bubbles!

2) Santa Baby Lip Scrub. This doesn’t just make your lip super soft, but it also smells and tastes good! This is perfect for someone who gets dry lips!

3) Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly. This shower jelly is so good! It is very bubbly and glittery, and it smells just like apples! It has such a beautiful red colour and is great for Christmas!

4) Golden Pear Soap. This soap contains cocoa butter which makes it so soft and smooth. It smells just like pears and cardamom and is so glittery and pretty!

5) Magic Wand Bubble Bar. This bubble bar is so pretty and cute - it looks just like a magic wand! It is reusable and never dries out, it also has an amazing smell!

6) Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb. This smells amazing, just like honey! It is a beautiful blue colour, with golden bath melts inside. This makes your skin extremely soft and moisturised!

7) Shades Of Gold, Frankincense And Myrre is an amazing lip block, definitely worth the price! Your lips turn so glittery and there are 3 different colour choices. 

8) Butterbear Wash Card. This is so cute, affordable and smells like musk! Easy to bring out with you, and leaves your hands feeling soft and clean!

9) Sugar Plum Fairy. This is a naked lip tint, which can stay on for up to a whole day! It is a beautiful purple colour and makes your lips soft and moisturised! 

10) Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar. This bubble bar is such a unique shape and looks just like a Christmas cracker! It makes lots of bubbles in the bath and has a refreshing lemon scent!