Sassiness and Confidence comes from Within - How to Improve Self-Confidence as a Teenager

Sassiness and Confidence comes from Within - How to Improve Self-Confidence as a Teenager

It's tempting to dismiss the concept of self-confidence as a simple confidence building exercise that only applies to adults. But the fact is that building self-confidence as a teen is just as important as building self-confidence as an adult. A low sense of self-confidence can make a teenager feel inadequate and out of place and the consequences of this could be devastating both for the teen and for those around them. Here we look at some common causes of low self-confidence in teenagers and what to do about it.

Building your self-confidence is tough as it’s easier to feel insecure, but having a positive mindset and self talk can really help. For example, sassy teenagers (such as yourself!) might feel that they aren't perfect but this doesn't mean that you should let nasty comments put your self-confidence down.

Seeing people on the Internet post about their awesome journeys and pictures of themselves in nice outfits can always be congruent with how you might be feeling as well. It could make you want to tell yourself “I’ll feel better when I look like that” or “I’ll feel better when I have [x] degrees/achievements under my belt,” even though sometimes those feelings of confidence come from the things we've done rather than something outside of ourselves.

Loving yourself can be hard, but it's important to remind yourself what makes you so beautiful in the first place. It might be difficult, but you won't get anywhere by saying things like "I am not good enough." or "My body isn't right for [insert clothing item you don't like] ." Try saying something positive instead such as "I'm attractive!" or "I'm worth it!", and say it aloud every single day until it becomes a part of who you are. You might even want to write it down a few times a day because thinking positively and loving oneself will help make you happy, confident and sassy!

You’re not alone in your struggle with low self-esteem. Self-confidence is something that we all have to work on at some point in our lives. Whether it’s through life experiences, learning how to separate ourselves from our actions, or using positive self-talk, we all have to learn how to love and accept ourselves.