Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

What is a mental health condition? This is a question always asked in today’s society, but also something people always use like its a fun thing to have. 

People alway’s seem to say that people choose to have these conditions, we do not choose to have a mental health issue also it’s not a fun thing to have. Mental health can appear in various forms such as anxiety, depression, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) you don’t have to be apart of the military to have this, Bipolar disorder and ADHD also there is many other forms of mental health. 


Many people in the world suffer from these conditions. Other people who do not have any these conditions but pretend too, need to realise how much pain and distress they actually cause you. I’ve learnt a lot through my time of suffering from PTSD, Anxiety and N.E.A.D (Non-Eplieptic attack disorder).


There should be a lot more awareness especially to N.E.A.D and PTSD as there is not much awareness evolving around these conditions. Many people think that PTSD you need of been in the military/army to suffer from this condition when really it could happen to any of us.


Always remember we do not choose these conditions it chooses us!