Making an Impact

Making an Impact

As I walked home from school over the last academic year, I particularly noticed the people I saw. It wasn't anything special, just ordinary people out with their dog, or travelling back home from work. But every time, I smiled. Because there's absolutely no harm in bringing more happiness into the world. 

Have you ever wondered how much impact you have on people?  


Some days I left at 3 in the afternoon, while it was 4 on others. If I started walking at the earlier time, I would almost always see an old man walking his dog. We started off smiling as we passed, then began to say 'hello' each time. The same thing happened with a man I saw pass by, if I left later. Whether I had had an excellent day, or not so good day, I would do it, without fail. After doing this ridiculously simple action a couple of times, it made me realise that as well as being polite and friendly, it made me happier. I don't know what was going on in the lives of these strangers, as they did not know about mine, but that kindness could have made their day, like it did mine sometimes. Despite often being viewed as a thing of the past nowadays, I suppose this kind of thing challenges negative teenage stereotypes too, which is such a good thing to do, since we're not all rude and unsociable youths really.


It got me thinking- the little things do often have the biggest impact. For my birthday recently, I was given a handmade scrapbook including memories with my best friend: that means far much more to me than any shop-bought present. I absolutely love when friends recommend me music to listen to, or when I get sent posts on social media when they say they 'thought of me'. People who read and appreciate my work, leaving me any positive feedback, really do influence my life and make it better, inspiring me to continue with my passion of writing. And I can only hope that someone has felt better about themselves due to a compliment that I've paid or a kind opinion that was expressed. 


One of the things that can make the biggest impact to someone's life, from my experience, is having someone to sit and listen- someone to talk to and hear what you have to say when you think nobody would. If you're struggling, go find that person that will impact your life for the better. If you know someone who may need support, please be that person, because you could make a difference that could seriously help them through things. Just trying to understand someone better often leaves a good impression on them and can help you build a stronger relationship too. 


Every single interaction you have with someone, whether you personally know them or not, could leave an impact, so lets make sure its always a positive one. So I'd like to encourage you all to smile. Please do whatever you can to bring more joy to others' lives, and it will also begin to help yours too. And remember, you're always able to make an influence, because what you do, makes a difference.


Hannah x