Listening To Music

Listening To Music

Everyone loves listening to music! Who doesn’t? Whether it be rap, country, classical or pop, we all have our tastes. Personally, I like all sorts of music, especially music from the 80s. It’s just so unique and catchy! 

I also love to listen to music wherever I am. When I walk to school, music is always an option and it makes time go by very fast! On trams, in the car on the radio (which gives me some new songs to add to my playlist) and whenever I have some silence to fill. In fact, I’m listening to music while writing this blog…about listening to music. Coincidence, am I right? 


While studying I also like to put on my playlist and apparently, calm music does help you to concentrate. I’m going to be honest though; I don’t put the most relaxing music on and often end up getting distracted and jamming to music while I’m meant to be writing an essay on the effects of global warming (Would not recommend!)


I’ve even gone as far as buying a shower speaker. Yes, I purchased a Bluetooth waterproof speaker to put on the wall of my shower. It works very well and I would definitely recommend. I only spent a few pounds on mine from Amazon, bargain!


Many people I know also rely on music to calm them down in hard situations and can relate to the lyrics of their favourite songs. 

Some of my favourite songs at the moment are: 

- Dusk Till Dawn - Zayn, Sia (the one I’m listening to right now)

- Dimelo - Rak-su

- Sad Song - We The Kings, Elena Coates

- Wolves - Selena Gomez 

- Havana - Camilla Cabello 

- Side - Travis


(and many, many more)


However you like to listen to music, be sure that you’re making the most of the tunes you have. Sometimes, lyrics speak louder than words!