How to Take Perfect Winter Photos

How to Take Perfect Winter Photos

Sometimes it can be really difficult to get the perfect photo during the dark winter lightening. Therefore, we thought you might benefit from this guide which gives you all the tips & tricks to get that perfect shot.

Find an interesting subject for your photo

An untouched landscape all on its own can be beautiful, but it becomes even more captivating when you have a subject in the photo. Try and capture a picture of an animal or a friend and don’t forget to take advantage of the winter weather. This will be the only time you can get snow or frost on the ground in your shots.

Make sure you have all the necessary supplies

Make sure you’re fully prepared when it comes to taking photos. Do you have a good quality camera with you? Do you have the props you need? Have you brought some warm clothing in case it gets cold or wet? Nothing can ruin a photo shoot more than realising that you’re missing something right at the last minute.

Be creative

In order to get more interesting and original content it’s important to go outside of your comfort zone. You never know what you'll find when you explore places in your local area, whether that that be a cute coffee shop or a nearby park. Visiting new places and capturing what you see will give your photo feed more variety.

Work a new angle

In order to get some new and exciting photos why not try a new angle? A different angle can completely change the look, colour and vibe of a photo. Something as simple as a reflection or a shadow can really make a photo stand out.

Know your filters

When it comes to picking your filters, don't overdo it. There are many filters that can ruin the quality of a photo by making it too dark, too yellow or too washed out. There are even some filters that makes snow look blue-ish. You still want the snow to be white, and the image to look natural. The most important rule is to not overexpose an image as it will blur the entire photo.

Know the perfect time for taking photos

The perfect time for capturing an image is right after sunrise and just before sunset. This is where you can get that gorgeous golden lighting you can find in professional photos. It may require waking up early but a little bit of tiredness will be worth it.

Have fun

While many of us can get caught up in capturing a perfect shot for social media, it’s still important to have fun when taking photos so take time out to do a fun photo shoot. Play in the snow with your friends, go on walks with your family, visit new places and explore your local attractions. When you start having fun with photography, you will worry less about being perfect and will begin getting some amazing images that stand out.

While the dark winter lighting and cold weather can sometimes make it difficult to take pictures there is still lots to take advantage of during this season. So start getting out there by trying something new and exploring your local area but make sure to have fun while doing it.