How To Start A Bullet Journal - A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Start A Bullet Journal - A Step-By-Step Guide
One of the latest trends at the moment is 'Bullet Journalling', shortened to 'Bujo'. It started on the app 'Instagram', when people took photos of homemade calendars, hand lettering and more. 3 of my favourite Bujo accounts on Instagram are: @bujo_nina, @letteringwithleni and @bullet.journals. I definitely recommend looking at their posts - they give you lots of inspiration for your own bullet journal!

Would you like to do a bullet journal? Here are some tips if you would like to start one quickly and with minimal cost in the UK!

Start by buying a notebook! You can buy any notebook, but the most popular Instagram accounts use notebooks from They are from Germany, however they have many retailers in the UK. You can also get some nice notebooks from WhSmith or Cath Kidston!
Buy some pens! The best and most popular pens are Tombow Dual-Brush Pens from, as they have a variety of colours and are easy to use, but they are quite expensive. Whereas WHSmith do a copy of these, in packs of either 12 or 24, called Dual-Brush Pens. They are from £6.49 - £12.49 as they are on offer at the moment. You should also buy some biro pens, to do handwriting and lists with. That is all you need when starting a bullet journal! When you get better at Bujo, you could buy some Washi Tape, highlighters and stamps to make your bullet journal even better!
If you don't know how to do Bujo, here are some tips!

Use photos! Whether they are from apps like Tumblr, or are taken by yourself, photos will add an amazing touch to your bullet journal!
Add quotes! If you have a blank section on your page, you could add a quick quote to fill up that extra space!
Learn Calligraphy/Hand Lettering! The Dual-Brush Pens help you get different line thicknesses. When doing 'down strokes' the lines get thicker, and when doing 'up strokes' the lines become thinner.
Just be creative and persevere! You will not be amazing straight away, but if you keep trying you will get better and better! That's all you need to do a fantastic bullet journal!