How To Get More Engagement On Instagram

How To Get More Engagement On Instagram

With us all being busy bees, Instagram has become almost a new blogging platform. Captions are like mini blog posts, Instagram stories are like vlogs and a lot of the time, brands are turning to Instagram for campaigns. That’s why we’ve compiled a useful list on how to get more engagement on Instagram.


Post At The Right Time

The right time for you, could be the wrong time for someone else, but try to post at a time when most of your followers will be online. Posting at 4pm, or 2am may not work as well as 8am or 8pm when people are commuting or sitting on the sofa. Test different times out, but think about when you go on Instagram and you’ll probably get your answer for the best time. Evenings 8-9pm and weekend afternoons tend to be the best time to post.


Look At What’s Popular

Look back on your previous month of photos and see what people have liked and what people haven’t liked so much. Then adapt this into inspiration for photos, you shouldn’t just always stick to stuff that is popular, as you’ve got to include photos that you love too. But by starting to post more photos in a style that you know does well, is going to help with increasing your engagement.


Captions Are So Important

Captions are not just for song lyrics, this is not 2003 and this is not your MSN name. You need your captions to bring value to people. They need to be inspiring and get people to stop and read. A good example is, ‘would you comment on a post that says Happy Monday?’ – probably not. To increase engagement you need to get people talking.

Here are some caption ideas that you could talk about :
• Your current fave Netflix Watch (ask for recommendations of what to watch next)
• Your fave film growing up
• Your favourite song right now
• The beauty product you cannot live without/ your must used product in your make up bag right now
• Your fave place that you’ve ever visited.
• Your favourite way to spend an evening
• Your favourite motivational quote


Reply To Comments

When you’ve asked people to answer a question in your caption, it’s good to acknowledge them, or answer any questions. It may seem like a chore but replying to your comments can really help to increase your engagement and make you some friends along the way.
Utilise Hashtags
Hashtags are a good way to get new people to find your photos. Go ahead and Google some popular and relevant hashtags and you’re good to go.

These are all quite simple tips, that will take a little time but it’s worth it if you want to make your Instagram feed amazing!