How To Find Motivation This New Year

How To Find Motivation This New Year

Christmas is now over and its time to go back to school, university or work. It’s hard to not feel a little down with all the responsibilities you have after the care free Christmas period. Therefore, we have created a list of things that you can do in order to regain that motivation and start the New Year with a BANG! Here are some amazing tips to take with you into 2019.

Make to-do lists

When you wake up every morning, make sure to write a list of all the things that you need to do that day and what you would like to achieve. This way you can keep on top of everything. If every day is becoming a little bit too much then you can always write your list at the start of every week.

Put everything into a calendar

This is just another way to stay organised each week. A calendar is a great way to get an overview of every month and ensure that you meet deadlines and don’t double book. Getting out all of the important stuff into a calendar before things get too stressful will ensure you don’t waste time later on down the road.  

Plan your time effectively

Make sure to put your school work before your social life when you have lots of assignments. At the same time, ensure you don’t work so hard that you completely neglect your friends. It’s important to create a balance between work, sleep and your social life or you will burn out. Balance is the key to a stress-free life.

Practice self-care

It’s really important to dedicate time to yourself and your own happiness. While it’s great to focus on work and your friends, make sure to spend time with yourself relaxing and doing the things that you enjoy.

Putting down your phone

While social media can be incredible, it can also be a huge part of increasing stress levels. Your phone and social media can distract you from your work and can disrupt your sleeping pattern. Therefore, it’s very important to put down your phone sometimes and ensure you are as productive as possible!

Create a good working environment for yourself

In order to get work done as effectively as possible, it’s imperative to have a good working environment. Take yourself to the silent room in a library or a quiet coffee shop. If neither of these are available to you then you can easily create a quiet space in your home as long as you have a desk and chair.

Ask for help

When you’re struggling with too much work, make sure to reach out to someone for help. That may be a teacher, professor, colleague or friend. Whoever you feel most comfortable with, make sure to talk to them as it will help to decrease your stress and increase your level of motivation. 

Be present

Make sure to always show up and try to participate in activities even if it scares you. If you are willing to get involved in things, people will be more willing to help you when you are struggling.

Look at the big picture

The most important thing is to look at the big picture. While things can get stressful, remember that it is going to be like that forever. Stay focused and remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.