How To Eat Well On A Budget

How To Eat Well On A Budget
Summer is the season where everyone begins talking about being more healthy. Healthy eating can sometimes be SUPER expensive. However, there are so many perks of healthy eating such as:
  • More energy
  • Less sluggish feeling
  • Better skin, less oily, breakouts.
  • Grow stronger
  • Improve your sleep
  • Strengthen immune system


That is why we have put together a guide of how to eat well on a budget. It doesn’t have to be super expensive and you can still have fun with food.

  • Make a shopping list – budget in advance so you don’t get too tempted walking around the supermarket
  • Meal prep – prep in bulk and prep meals throughout the week.
  • Buy frozen fruit and veg – stores like Tesco, Lidl, Aldi do great frozen fruit and smoothie mixes for breakfast
  • Plan your meals
  • Replace meat with other protein sources- fresh meat adds up in cost. Once or twice a week go meat-free or swap for fish
  • Cook at home – eating out too often can be expensive and unhealthy

It can sometimes be tough to even know what to make so below we have listed some yummy meals ideas that will keep you healthy all year round.



  • Weetabix with fruit (bananas, blueberries, strawberries, chia seeds) with added honey drizzle.
  • Eggs – scrambled eggs using coconut oil on the pan. With tomatoes or sliced pepper.
  • Oats – with added fruit or honey.
  • Greek yoghurt – with fruit, berries, honey.
  • Protein Pancakes
  • Avocado on rice cakes, tomatoes, scrambled/boiled/poached eggs on top
  • Smoked salmon, eggs, peppers, avocado, wholemeal bagel



  • Chicken, rice, veg – broccoli, peppers, aubergine, tomatoes
  • Salmon, veg and sweet potato wedges
  • Wholemeal wrap, tuna and veg
  • Mediterranean Tuna Salad – Tuna, salad leaves, peppers, olives, feta cheese, spring onion, tomatoes, celery



  • Quorn Chilli, kidney beans, roasted veg, sweet potato, butternut squash and chilli seasoning. add rice if needed
  • Whitefish, veg and rice or couscous
  • Sweet potato cooked in foil and roasted with feta cheese and Quorn chilli
  • Chicken salad, Mediterranean roasted vegetables, butternut squash fries

We hope this post gave you some healthy eating ideas. The main goal is to be happy and healthy and fuel the body correctly so you can always work to your full potential.