How To Deal With Back-to-School Stress

How To Deal With Back-to-School Stress

Whether you’re going into year 3 or year 11, we all experience the stress and struggles of going back to school. Leaving the long summer days behind and entering another long year of education can build up many emotions, the main being stress. These tips may calm your nerves as you walk through those school gates this September…

Back to school shopping may not sound like a good idea as you’re probably not going to want to see all the pens and binders and books again, but it will help you feel more organised and prepared. Also, new stationary may help you feel refreshed in your new school year. Getting back to school shopping done before school starts again will save you from stressing even more when you don’t have the right equiptment in class.


Plan everything the day before so you won’t be late on your first day or stressed in the morning. Pack your bag, lay out your outfit / uniform and set an alarm. Make sure you know when to get up in order to avoid rushing. Have time for breakfast aswell – the most important meal of the day!


Do something relaxing or fun before school begins. For example, the day before school you could see your friends which will quickly and easily take your mind off of school. Or you could go for a walk. I find this really helps with stress, as it allows your mind to wonder and the fresh air is really beneficial for mental health.


Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to waking up happy and prepped for school. Leave your phone far away so you won’t have any distractions and try not to go to bed ridiculously late. Read a book or draw before you go to bed if you can’t sleep straight away and listen to music if that helps also. A couple days before school try to get back into a good sleep schedule, so on the day you aren’t overly exhausted from waking up earlier than usual. 


Remember you are not alone, millions of children are just as stressed as you are right now (including me!!) so don’t feel like everyone else is more prepared than you. It’s natural to feel anxious but just remember, before you know it the school year will be over and you will be on holiday again!


Good luck in your new school year and I hope these tips will help you prepare as much as you can!

Phoebe x

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