Hot Weather And Your Self Confidence

Hot Weather And Your Self Confidence

Here in the UK, it has got to that time again where temperatures are soaring, barbeques are sizzling and some people are ending up looking a rather interesting shade of tomato pretty rapidly. And I would say that many do get out the shorts the second that the sun rears its head from behind the clouds. But others of us don’t.

Last year, I didn’t wear shorts once, since my self-confidence plummeted. When things got hot, I just kept on wearing full length trousers, because I couldn’t bare an alternative. I’m sure there are others who have or are currently feeling this way, in that they cannot face the thought of walking outside dressed in anything showing more skin than usual. Over the course of the last year, I have been on a journey to get to where I am today in terms of what I feel comfortable wearing. And if I can do it, you can do it too. 


This is simply ridiculous, that society is telling some of us to live uncomfortably, which in these scorching temperatures, could actually be causing ourselves to feel unwell and overheated. Why should it get to this point, when we could just wear what we want?


I really do understand that loving your body is a really hard thing to do. But dressing how you want to dress is a huge step in the right direction to expressing yourself in a positive way. We need to stop thinking about the opinions of others upon us, and begin to see ourselves in a new light. It really is true that most people are worrying about these things for themselves, and really are not bothered about the negative aspects of what you’ve chosen to wear.


As communities, we need to work on understanding the bravery that it may take some people to dress the way that they do, even if it these things seems normal to you. More compliments need to be thrown around, in order to build each other up, and encourage everyone, especially teenagers, to think of themselves in a kinder way. 


So now every time I step out the door, and maybe don’t feel like doing so, I remember that I’m really doing it for all those people who can’t because they’re too conscious of their own bodies. We’re all beautiful in our own ways, and the more we embrace it, the more the world will have to learn to accept it.


Hannah x