Gifts to Show That You Care This Valentine’s Day

Gifts to Show That You Care This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day firmly on the horizon, now is a time that many of us start thinking about what to get the people special in our lives.  The one core piece of advice when it comes to choosing a gift that shows you care is to make sure it is tailored to the specific interests and unique tastes of the person for whom you are buying the gift for. Here are five types of gift that show you care:



If you’re on a budget then making a thoughtful and handmade item offers a personal touch that has your metaphorical blood, sweat and tears contained within it.  For instance, if you know someone has trouble sleeping and suffers with bad dreams you could take a walk along the beach, pick up some shells and make a dreamcatcher for them to hang above their bed.



There are many photo companies that are now publishing individual memory books that can help connect you with this special person within your life.  Everyone likes to feel special and most people like reminiscing on past experiences you’ve shared together; the idea of a photo book offers a cheap and simple way to achieve this.



Arranging a trip away somewhere special doesn’t have to cost loads of money. There are many cheap flights available nowadays, that can transport you to much warmer shores or exotic cultural destinations that will allow you and your special person to spend quality time together, which is what most people crave in the modern age of such busy living.



With many music streaming applications out there, there is no need to rush out and buy a MP3 player to make a playlist. Head over to something like Spotify or Amazon Music and put together a playlist of songs that mean something to you both. Make sure you include a range of songs; happy, sad and that song that makes you dance around like an idiot.



The majority of people like to receive something they ‘want’ rather than something they ‘need’; indeed, the fabled gift of socks is known to bring a frown on anyone’s face - yet, socks are useful… they’re just not very personal. In this sense, you want to make it meaningful to show that you have taken an interest in their world and responded to a problem by providing a solution.  For instance, imagine a partner or friend has no coat hook in their new house - picking up on this little thing and responding with a useful gift can be a way to show that you care.