8 Ways to Revise for Exams

8 Ways to Revise for Exams

With exam season just around the corner, it’s hard not to freak out a little a just the prospect - especially thanks to the constant reminders from teachers. So, to help us all up our game and ensure we’re revising in the best ways possible, I’ve put together a list of 8 easy ways to revise. Don’t get me wrong, we all learn differently and have our own ways that work, but why not give these a try and see how it goes? 


First things first, make a revision timetable so that you don’t lose any valuable time. This can be an automated one online or handwritten. Either way, just make sure you follow it - that’s a lot of time wasted if you don’t!


Mind Maps

Probably one of the most popular of revision techniques, mind maps are the perfect way to jot down information and branch out into other ideas and concepts. You can add visuals like bright colours and pictures too, making your points even more memorable.


Post-it Notes

Bright colours splashed across your walls will, sure enough, catch your eye every time. So, write up short notes on different coloured post-its and put them up around your house. To make it even better, try and put them somewhere that links to what you’re talking about. Going to get some food from the fridge? Remember a fact about the digestive system. Picking up a book? Remember a quote from An Inspector Calls. 



Using apps such as Quizlet or Memrise makes revising that bit more fun (if that’s even possible) and gives you the freedom to revise absolutely anywhere. Whether you’re walking into town or getting the bus somewhere you can simply pull out your phone and get in that extra bit of revision.


Online tutorials

Okay, we all love to watch a good YouTube video every now and again, but why not use it as an educational tool? With the likes of the Green brothers always producing helpful videos, it really can come in handy when it comes to understanding certain topics.  



If you have a growing list of key words or concepts that you need to learn for a subject, a good way to remember them is by using acronyms. Make them as funny or as random as you like because that’ll make them easier to remember and less overwhelming for you in the exam hall. 



While some quiver at the thought of hearing themselves on repeat (myself included), it could be a useful way to go about revising. Record yourself say, listing (or singing) key dates or different facts, and then listen back regularly to help you remember them - it’s repetitive, but can be really effective!



Do as many past papers as possible. It’s only then that you’ll get a real idea of the exam’s format and get used to answering the questions in the right way. You could start off working through them together with friends and then, later on, do some on your own under exam conditions.


Hopefully some of these work out for you and remember to take breaks every now and again too, otherwise, you’ll have an information overload!

Good luck!