5 Ways To Help Get Through Each Day

5 Ways To Help Get Through Each Day

Whoever you are and whatever you do, I think that sometimes we all just need to keep going, to get through another day. So I've been thinking about some of the things I use to do so, and I'd like to share them with you all. I hope they may be able to help you keep going too.

1. Communication


Whether it be with family, friends or colleagues and face-to-face or otherwise, I think it's really important to always be communicating well with those around you. If the day is proving tough, it's extra important to try to stay connected with those around you as to not isolate yourself at all. I know sometimes it can be really hard, but it's definitely worth it in the long run. Planning to meet someone face-to-face can get you out and about, giving you something to do, and making the day feel worthwhile. As it may not be an easy option to do this, there's always Childline (for anyone up to the age of 19) or the Samaritans- as just two of the many places you could go- that you could call or online message if you're in need of someone to talk to at any time, to help you get through things.


2. Little Rewards


We all need encouragement from time to time, and a good way to do so is by giving ourselves little rewards. These can vary from a chocolate bar (not too often though) to a luxurious bubble bath- whatever takes your fancy. Make sure they're not overly frequent, as to motivate yourself to complete a task in hand before having a break, and for them to not lose their effect. It does not need to be planned at all: spontaneous gifts to yourself as an afterthought of doing something positive are equally pleasant as those more thought out.


3. Doing and Creating


Each and every day I find so much better when I have something to show for it. If I'm at home all day, I will always try to make sure to write a blog post or tidy my room or make something- anything to be productive really. Then in the evenings, it's nice to look back and say 'I did that today', even if it wasn't something major. That sense of achievement is so lovely to feel at the end of each day, and is a valid reason to tell yourself that the day was worth living. Exercise is a great thing to be doing if you can, as it is proven to really help mental health, as well as keep you physically fit and healthy. Baking or doing art of some sort can also help, with stimulating your imagination to distract yourself from the real world if need be, and being relaxing too. When out and about, I find it good to take lots of photos, to remind myself what it was like and why it was a positive experience on those days when I don't feel like getting up to do anything. Writing things down can provide a good way of expressing emotions about anything, and if you don't wish to keep them, you can always screw it up and throw it in the recycling afterwards!


4. Small Steps


I believe one of, if not the, biggest pointers to getting through each day is to be kind to yourself. Set little goals and don't push yourself too hard. Start by doing the vital stuff, like getting up, brushing your teeth, having a shower and all that, so that you feel like you're ready to live the day. Ensure you're eating correctly, and going to bed at a reasonable time to make sure you're getting enough sleep too. Then work on small activities, breaking down the day into manageable chunks. When you complete your little goals, you can feel proud of yourself, putting yourself in a more positive atmosphere, whatever the size step forward you have achieved. Remember to reward yourself for all your hard work every so often as well! 


5. Music


There's always something to listen to, for every mood you could ever imagine. If possible, have a dance. You'll often not realise the exercise that you're doing, and how it is not only good for you physically, but is also good for the mind. If you don't feel like getting up to do much, or go out of the house, it's a great way to spend your time, even if you're just sitting and listening. When out and about, I find it helpful to always have a pair of headphones handy, so (within reason obviously) you can zone out, and go about your day. It's also proven to help with anxiety for many people, which is always a good thing. Singing can be a good way to release unwanted emotions, and show passion- you don't have to be good at it at all either.




I know I may have made some of this sound easier than it might be in real life, but if we keep going, we will get there in the end. I also would just like to make it clear, that I am obviously not a doctor, or medical professional: I'm just someone offering to share how I do things in an attempt to hopefully assist others. So I hope these are a few things that you can use, if not doing so already, in order to make it through each day, because you're a vital human on this planet, so every day is worth living- let's keep going.


Hannah xx