4 Super Easy Ways To Make New Friends

4 Super Easy Ways To Make New Friends
We’ve all gone back to school or college or work or whatever mandatory place that requires socialisation. And sometimes, socialising is a little tricky. Not to worry, here are the best ways make friends and grow your squad.

The first method is the one that works best and it isn’t even that hard…be nice! Smiling at people, saying hi to strangers opening doors for people and coming across as friendly in your tone are the basics of attracting other humans to make friends with you. People love nice people and in the long run, showing kindness will make you happier too!
Finding people who have things in common with you also really helps to build a happy social circle! Join some clubs or make it clear that you’re interested in something and people with the same interests will naturally speak to you and it’ll flow. Take every opportunity to be around people and people will want to be around you!
Now, we all know how much time is spent on the internet and how it can help to build bonds. Personally, I add many people who I know on social media and the platforms help us to go from being acquaintances to really close friends. It’s great, and stress free because you have time to think about what to text people, rather than having that awkward silence in real life when you want to crack a joke but just can’t think of one on the spot (We’ve all been there!)
Making friends is one thing, keeping them is another. I recommend doing the three things I’ve spoken about consistently and when close enough friends, making plans with them. Hopefully, by this stage you’ll have a groupchat which you can brainstorm ideas on.
Here are a few I have thought of for you:
- Roller-skating
- Movie night
- Café/restaurant/diner
- Park
- Any events near you, eg: Parades, festivals, concerts
- Shopping
- Video calls (if you’re feeling lazy)
Whatever you choose to do, have fun with your friends and enjoy your life surrounded by a variety of different people. All social classes, all genders, all races, all religions!
Sarina :)