20 Perfect Summer Date Ideas

20 Perfect Summer Date Ideas
It’s almost May which means that it’s just about summer and that means it’s going to get HOT! We have put together some amazing date ideas to get you out of the house this summer. Whether you spend time with a partner, friend or sibling, these are some activities you are bound to love.

1. Make breakfast for dinner. Remember when you were little and just wanted breakfast for dinner? Break out your favourite breakfast foods and enjoy!
2. Make homemade ice cream. Instead of going out, make ice cream from your very own kitchen!
3. Rent a couple of Redbox movies and have a movie night.
4. Binge watch a new Netflix series. Tired of the same old? Find a new series that’s interesting to both of you and get bingeing.
5. Go to a local water park. Find the closest waterpark to you and spend a day splashing around.
6. Head to your local park and throw a frisbee or ball around. This is something you should do in the early morning or late afternoon.
7. Get up early and car boot sale hopping! Get out the house and see what awesome sale gems you can find!
8. Make a travel bucket list. Where do you want to go? Write your dream vacation down and get planning!
9. Fly a kit together. When was the last time you saw someone fly a kite? It is definitely something that needs to be done more.
10. Make a fire pit in your backyard. Invite some friends over and enjoy the summer night.
11. Break out your BBQ and get grilling. You can even invite your neighbours and make it a cookout!
12. Groupon your way to a date. Groupon has a lot of awesome deals. Head to the local deals page and see what you can put together.
13. Hit the pool. Head over to your nearest pool and have some fun in the sun.
14. Go bowling. Bowling is not that expensive and can be a cute, fun, and competitive date night idea.
15. Make a homemade dinner. Plan out a special meal and cook it together!
16. Watch your favourite YouTube videos. Find one of your favourite musicians or Youtubers and watch all of their videos.
17. Go on a picnic. This is another one of those that you should probably do in the earlier part of the day so you’re not too hot and sweaty.
18. Make your own ice lollies. Any flavour you can think of. Get as creative as you like.
19. Couples crafts. Head over to your local craft store and get stuff to do your own crafts!
20. Meet your neighbours. Moved to a new place recently? Meet your neighbours and see if they want to get together sometime!

What fun ideas do you have for a summer date?