18 Things To Do When It's Raining On Holiday

18 Things To Do When It's Raining On Holiday

We all know that worst thing is when it rains on holiday. It can leave you feeling bored and irritable. Therefore, we have compiled a long list of amazing things you can do to keep yourself entertained during a spell of bad weather.


1. Read a book.

If you’re an avid reader, this will be top of your list. If you’re not, maybe it’s time to start a reading habit. Head to Google or Amazon to find out the top books at the moment and get reading


2. Send some postcards.

Finding postcards, writing postcards, remembering addresses, finding stamps and locating a postbox is easily half a day’s work. And it’s a wonderful surprise for the people at home. Tell them it’s raining as you write and they’ll love you even more.


3. Go on a coffee crawl.

Check out the local coffee shops. Even the smallest locations have a few choices. You can compare cakes, coffee, seats, bathrooms and wi-fi speed. If you drink slowly (or a lot), this can take a whole day.


4. Go for a run.

If you’re in a warm country, chances are it’s been too hot to run – the rain fixes that. It’s also a good way to see the sights…at speed and explore your local area.


5. Catch up on your messaging.

No, we’re not talking about emails or work. We’re talking about that message you keep meaning to reply to from your aunty or the group chat about the next social with your friends at home.


6. Sort your photos into albums.

Be honest, you’ve been saying this since day one of your holiday. Actually, probably since your last holiday. Delete the blurry ones and get them sorted into albums. Now you’re just one step away from creating a slideshow for all your friends.


7. Take some photos.

Have a look at some of our previous blog posts on how to take amazing images for social media


8. Have a mani-pedi.

Whether you do it yourself or find a salon, go for a bright polish and it might encourage the weather to follow. Guys: when was the last time your feet felt smooth? Polish: optional, but give your feet a treat.


9. Have a boxset binge.

Ordinarily, sitting indoors watching TV isn’t something we’d recommend but if the weather is against you, it’s time for a rainy day activity.


10. Go to the cinema.

As well as being dry and selling popcorn (two factors that win all on their own), why not catch the latest blockbuster? If you’re not in a big town or city, look out for small, independent cinemas or bars and cafes with movie nights.


11. Take a nap.

With zero guilt and nothing else pressing to do, why not drift off for an afternoon nap. Don’t forget to set an alarm – this is a nap, not an exercise in messing up your body clock.


12. Learn a new language.

Maybe you want to learn to say a few words in the local language or perhaps you’re on a lifelong quest to become fluent in another language.


13. Visit a museum.

Even the smallest, one-horse towns tend to have a museum and it’s a great activity in the rain which also leaves you feeling like you’ve explored something of your destination. For better immersion, try to find a guide to walk you through the museum.


14. Charge all your electronic devices.

Laptop, tablet, phone, camera, external battery. When was the last time they all had a full battery at the same time? Get everything charged so you’re ready to go exploring when the rain does stop.


15. Learn how to juggle.

No, it’s not a skill that’s going to help you save lives or the planet but you’ll be pretty impressive at the next party when you pick up three canapes and fling them around in the air. Tip: start with soft, break-proof items.


16. Make something wearable.

Knitting and crochet have had a huge resurgence in popularity in recent years. Why not pick up some needles (or a hook) and learn a new skill.


17. Meditate.

Whether it’s something you already do daily or you’ve never tried, it’s a great rainy day activity considering most meditation apps allow you to play the soothing sounds of rain in the background.


18. Volunteer.

This can be a little tricky to organise off the cuff but you don’t know unless you try. Is there a pet rescue you could go and show some love? A place where you could teach local children for a few hours?