How To Make Money As A Teen

How To Make Money As A Teen

Being a teenager makes it hard to get money, as there aren’t a vast amount of jobs available and not many shops would accept anyone under 16. Being a teen myself, I know the struggle of trying to buy everyone Christmas presents with only £11.40 in my pocket…!  So here is a list of things I have used and other tips on how you can make money – and have fun doing it!


Sweatcoin is an app you can download on your phone which gives you money by walking! I have used it for 3 months and made over 300 sweatcoins by walking to and from school everyday. This app has a store that updates every couple of days, selling items from amazon gift cards and workout gear to iPhones and TVs! This is such an easy way to make money you don’t even have to do anything – just walk!


Boots and WHSmiths

You may not know that Boots drugstore and WHSmiths actually accept young teenagers to work. At Boots, you will need to be at least 15 to be a Customer Assistant and WHSmiths accepts people from 13 to 17. For WHSmith, you will need to go to their Job Search and Apply page on their website, and also ask in – store to make sure they definitely accept your age.


Sell Your Clothes

This is another method I have used and its super easy! I use the app Vinted which accepts credit card and Paypal payments, however Depop is a really popular one which only accepts Paypal.  The process is really simple: take a picture of your item, upload to the app and wait for a buyer! The good thing about selling your clothes means you’re clearing out your closet but the clothes aren’t going to waste. I love using this method because it’s fun and an effective method. You ca also sell clothes on Instagram stories or Snapchat. One of my friends did this and made £30 by selling her clothes on Instagram.


Bake Sale

This is a great one to do with friends! Get together with your best friends and bake bake bake. Cookies, cupcakes, donuts – anything your heart desires. Go out to a fairly busy area and wait for the money to roll in. A good location would be a park, as the kids would be very excited about a table full of cake! When you’ve sold everything, split the money evenly (if you did it with other people) and tada – you’re rich!



If you are passionate about something such as art or crafting, you can sell your creations. Great places to sell are Etsy or eBay. Facebook is also a great way to reach everyone through friends and family. It is also great if you want to do more service – based jobs for example doing someone’s makeup which is a really popular option. If you really enjoy the hobby, it will feel really fun and relaxed, and you’re getting money from it as well.


I hope you find one of these helpful, and you can try them all out in the summer. Ive seen so many people saying you should do surveys online and if I can tell you one thing:



I’ve tried so so many online survey websites and haven’t got anything from them. The methods I have listed are the most effective ones I have tried / know people who have tried them. Hopefully they help you make money and that you have fun doing it!


“Do what you love and the money will follow” – Marsha Sinetar


Good luck

Phoebe x