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Love our products? You can become a Fun Cases Ambassador and earn money from every sale you refer on our affiliate programme.

If you have an Instagram or Facebook account and want to earn extra money then this is for you. Sign up for FREE to our rep programme and earn 10% from every sale you refer.

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When you sign up, you will receive a unique discount code. Share this code to friends, family and followers for them to receive 10% off of all crystals.

For every sale you successfully refer, you will earn 10%

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1) Can anyone be an Influencer?

Yes, but hurry up and join because we will be making this opportunity private soon!

2) What will my discount code be worth?

Your custom discount code that you create will be for 10% off everything in store.

3) Will Influencers receive free Fun Cases products?

After referring 10 or more sales you may request some free products!

4) How much can I earn?

You will receive 10% of every sale you refer. The amount you can refer and what you can earn is unlimited.

5) How do I Join?

Simply click on the link to create your unique code and start earning today. 

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